I came from a place where the people don’t have a voice and cannot make a difference in how things are run.  That is what drives my passion for standing up and making sure that the people’s voices are heard and make a difference.  Citizen involvement is critical to shaping the future of our city and preserving our quality of life. 

I was born in Egypt as a Refugee.  I came to the U.S. in 1997 at the age of 23.  In America, I knew if I worked hard, I could live the American Dream.  I arrive at 3PM and had a job at 5AM the next morning.  I started cleaning a filthy warehouse, and did more jobs than I can remember, from demolition to limo driver.  I was a waiter at Roxy’s in Times Square when this beautiful BYU student walked in and stole my heart.  Two years later, in 2001 I had finished school and had an opportunity to move to Orem for work.  Later that year I married that beautiful woman from Roxy’s; my wife Lexi.  20 years and five boys later, thinking of that day still makes me smile.  In 2007 my ten-year journey to citizenship ended and I very proudly became an American citizen.  To say I love this County just doesn’t seem to express my true feelings, but people say my face lights up when I talk about America, so I guess how I feel really does show through.  It has been an incredible journey. 

I have started, grown and sold multiple businesses in Orem.  I have been committed to giving back and getting involved for many years.  I have served in Volunteer Police Services (VIPS) for the police department for seven years, I’ve been a youth sports coach, and I currently serve on the Planning Commission.  I have been involved in many issues and was very excited Tuesday to finally win a fight for better height restrictions, better parking requirements, and better safety for the State Street district around 1600 North and 400 West.  It was a long fight and I was so proud to stand up with amazing citizens to make a difference.  We may not always win, but there is always the opportunity.  

The more I’ve gotten involved, the more I’ve grown to love Orem, our amazing people, and the community and family bonds that make it such a great place to live.  This great city is my home; it’s your home.  Our quality of life is strongly affected by what happens in our city.  It’s time to refocus on the Service part of Public Service and create an environment where citizens can help shape the future of our communities and city.